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All caps are available in the fabric of your choice, for the season of your choice: tweed, linen, cotton, cashmere, bamboo fiber or leather.


To make a custom cap, regardless of the model, you will have 3 appointments: - the first will be that of taking measurements, choosing the model and its volume - the second will be that of trying on your model made in a fitting fabric in order to take the final measurements very precisely. - the third will be that of trying on the model made in the chosen fabric.

The Irish Cap, also called a “flat hat”, was worn by Irish workers in the 16th century. It is made up of 8 panels with a central covered button and a slightly arched visor. Also called Marseille cap, it can vary in size and depth depending on the fashion. It has a sharper profile than the English one. Worn as well by men as by women, the Irish gives a chic and modern side to accompany all your outfits.


The Irish Cap


The 5 Panels

Appearing for the first time in California, the 5 Panels has become an essential accessory in street culture and the sportswear wardrobe. Made up of its 5 panels in the snaptrack or snapback models with flat visor, it is adaptable to all types of projects thanks to its classic shape. Pauline offers a wide choice of 5 panels of different materials and colors.

The Baseball Truck is designed on the same basis as the classic baseball cap. On the truck, the back is traditionally made of mesh to make the head breathe, but the front panel is also made in one piece so as not to have a seam on the middle front but only a dart that allows the addition of a logo. Without being bothered by the seam. Its look is also suitable for city or country use.

The baseball truck


The Sailor's cap

A sailor's cap is a type of headgear that is traditionally worn by sailors and members of the naval military. These caps are generally made of wool or cotton and have a short, rounded visor often made of leather. Sailor caps are often adorned with the insignia or logo of the naval unit to which the wearer belongs. Its shape is ideal for both men and women: a little baggy on the top of the head, it suits all heads. Its visor is a little shorter than a classic cap, which makes it easy to wear even with glasses.

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