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The Timeless

For the realization of a custom hat, you need a first appointment to take measurements and the conformation of the skull. During this meeting, the following are chosen: the raw material (rabbit felt or beaver felt), the model and its volume as well as the finishes.

By the second appointment, the hat is finished and you can leave with it, unless some touch-ups are necessary!

panama montecristi.jpg

The Panama

Nothing better than Panama to bring summer ! Easy to wear, this headgear is totally unisex for a chic and casual look. This straw traditionally called "Sombrero de Paja Toquilla" (straw hat) was a worldwide success when Ecuadorian workers arrived to build the Panama Canal in 1881. Many personalities contributed to its fame, Theodore Roosevelt, Orson Wells or Winston Churchill . Available in Fedora, Homburg, Pork pie or Capeline, you will have the choice between several braiding qualities: cuenca grade 13 or montecristi grade 20.

Pauline makes you rediscover this chic and timeless headgear, easy to wear and match. Dating from the 19th century, the Fedora is a felt hat with a low split crown, which partly takes its name from the play Fédora written by Victorien Sardou and performed in 1881. French actors Alain Delon and Jean-Paul Belmondo wear it in the film Borsalino (1970) by Jacques Deray. In the 20th century, it became widely popular through the character of Indiana Jones. You will have the choice between rabbit felt and beaver felt: these two materials will protect you from the rain without any problem!

fedora beige avec ceinture cuir.jpg

The Fedora

The Pork Pie is a small round hat with a short brim, sometimes raised, its crown is low and rounded, surrounded by a gutter, and slightly domed. The grosgrain is wide and finished with a hatter's knot. Pork Pie fell into disuse after the end of World War II, but remained popular in African-American musical circles, such as jazz, blues, and ska. The Pork Pie is suitable for both a casual dressing style and refined, dressy styles.

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The Pork pie
homburg bleu.jpg
The Homburg

The Homburg, also called a Diplomat hat, is defined by a soft felt with a split crown and raised and braided edges. It was introduced to France by the King of England Edward VII (1901-1910). The latter would have been inspired by the hunting hat of William I, to make an urban version. Eisenhower gave it its status as a formal hat, when he wore it at his two investiture ceremonies, in place of the top hat. This hat decorated with a very chic grosgrain ribbon can be made of different materials.

The Trilby

Once considered the favorite hat of the wealthy man, the Trilby is similar to the Fedora, but differs from it by a shorter brim and a smaller crown. It was specially designed for the 1894 theatrical adaptation of the novel “Trilby” by Georges du Maurier, in which the eponymous heroine wears this rabbit hair hat. Its crown made it very popular in the 60s. More recently, the Trilby is suitable for urban and casual styles.

The Capeline

The Capeline is a feminine hat recognizable by its very wide brim and its rounded shape gives it lightness in summer and winter. An emblematic hat of the 1970s, the Capeline has become popular since the release of the film “Les demoiselles de Rochefort” in which Françoise Dorléac and Catherine Deneuve wear very large matching hats. Both elegant and discreet, it can be worn with casual outfits as well as for a special occasion.

The Bowler is a rigid, curved felt hat that had its heyday at the turn of the 19th and 20th century. Created by the London hatters Thomas and William Bowler, it became an important accessory in the world of entertainment and was also widely worn in the cinema ranging from “Laurel and Hardy” to Alex deLarge in “A Clockwork Orange” by Stanley Kubrick without forget Chaplin.

le melon.jpg
Le Bowler
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